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13. Mentoring
21st Century Mentoring.pdf 21st Century Mentoring.pdf
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12. Doing "The Right Thing" According To Whom?
It was not a matter of belief.pdf It was not a matter of belief.pdf
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11. Avoiding "The Illusion of Success"! plus "Defining the Means to an End"! 2016
Avoiding The Illusion of Success.pdf Avoiding The Illusion of Success.pdf
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10. Trapped In A Positive Mindset plus A Letter from America

9. Businesses, Could We Be Creating a Dying Earth, a Planet Fossil or a Living Earth easily sustaining 10 Billion Humans? 

8. Executives, are You Prepared for 2015 & Beyond!

7. The Future Of Business Finance - Ultimate Funding

Ultimate Finance in The New World Order!

6.  The Job Market Future - The Unemployment Myth

     5.  The Future of Robotics In Life & Business

     4. The Future of Women in Business

     3. Business Owners

      2. Executive Consulting & Coaching for CEO’s

     1. B.A.C.U.P. your Company's Future!


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Total business consulting and/or coaching:

These services will include  analysing customer needs and current business vision, mission, values, purpose, goals, current obstacles, identifying present and required rectification with pro-future insight, future projects, scoping potential business solutions for longevity and increase of market share, improving sales by coordinating collaboration on sales innovation, efforts consistency, analytically trending market changes with both inside and field operations, marketing and sales representatives for profit.

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