Future Insight Newsletter

From the desk of John Fergusson

To: Trusticus Albanksaprofitus

Dear Trusticus,

(Part 1 of 4)

Because of the wonder of technology and the promises its promoters bring of total and absolute financial convenience and personal freedom, the individual person does not know, nor can consider, the world wide vulnerabilities they open unwittingly to the millions of thieves and manipulators using the same technology, to control and steal their money, their ID and so cripple their personal freedoms, life style and living.

In this kind of technology the antivirus is always chasing the virus.  The locksmith is chasing the lock-breaker, except that in this case we are told, it is millions of lock-breakers attacking your door!  This means the virus group creates the holes in your electronic wallet, mobile phone account, bank, and the antivirus group must find a way to block the holes, but only after many lives have been turned upside down and possibly ruined for some time. 

The virus creating group is proactive, the antivirus group is reactive and therefore is always in second place and on the “back foot”!  This means the chances of you and I losing everything are compounded by the millions, exponentially rising higher each month as the World Bank stats are systemically indicating.  Of course (call me skeptical if you like), no one is really sure that the virus and then the antivirus may be coming from the same source to create income in perpetuity!

(Part 2 of 4)

We are rapidly moving from “One Person, One Wallet (in your pocket or under your pillow), ‘One Thief may access”, to “One Person, Personal Electronic Wallet, which ‘Millions’ have access to and now also have under their pillow or in their pocket working 24/7 on a way to open it”!  How does that make you feel about the “convenience” and “personal” shopping “freedom”!  Whose convenience and freedom is it?  Is it really yours or is it theirs?

Why is it headline news when some robbers physically hold up a bank and steal a few hundred thousand or maybe a million or two physical (paper) dollars once in a while over the year, when cyber thieves and robbers are stealing mega millions of dollars per day from us personally, and from our businesses and banks all around the world and which our “Banks” are so willing to cover and replace the losses for us and there is hardly a “by-line mention”? 

Who is really paying for all of these losses and why is there little mention of all the millions of lives that have already been shattered by them.  Don’t give up your fat little leather wallet just yet.  Life and its news is still very much only about the “Guns and Roses” of our 5 or 6 physical senses!

(Part 3 of 4)

We must ask ourselves, “Why are the Banks so willing to cover all of the millions per day stolen from us by cyber criminals and identity thieves, just to give us “convenience” and “personal” shopping “freedom”? 

It is called, “Entrapment” – a “Setup” – a “Financial Sting” – a “Ponzi Scheme”!  Think of the word, “Equilibrium”!  When enough of us have been wooed or forced into this “Convenience” and “Personal Freedom” due to other options being removed, and when the Banks are ready, they will suddenly reverse the onus (responsibility) on to the victim.  Why?  Because they will decide that you haven’t taken enough precautions to prevent yourself from being robbed!  After all, it is your money the Banks are using and they will require you to look after it – yourself, at your cost!  It is only a matter of time. 

Remember when every “Eftpos” transaction was free while the price of using cheques kept going up!  Once profit/loss equilibrium was reached as we were won over by something “free”, slowly “Eftpos Transactions” began to fetch a rising price to eventually meet the price of a cheque and more.  It is these past small loss investments by our Banks that are now returning their massive profits.  This is future proof! 

Every citizen, any person using any form of exchange (money), for any type of transaction through the banks, is a servant of our banks and you make them future proof because you are more valuable to them than gold!  Why?  Well, you can’t get more gold from an ounce of gold, but you can keep getting more and more from the citizenry adinfinitum!  It is called the “Neo-feudal System” or, “Neo-feudalism” and the banks are the Masters!

(Part 4 of 4)

However, the main reason banks don’t complain about cyber criminals and thieves is due to the fact they actually don’t lose any money at all!  It simply shifts from one account to another, one depot (bank/branch) to another and appears in another account (electronic wallet) somewhere around the world – bingo!!!! No losses at all!  Just a shift in location!  You may have had it stolen from your account, but they still have it all somewhere else!  “Clever Huh!”

Part of their trade with each other is to cover these millions of unidentified but traceable “$natches”!  How does that make you feel and you are going to ask them to recover your little bit for you?  Good luck!  

For all we know they could be doing most of the thefts $natches themselves via programmed computer gliches.  What better way to finance shifting needs around the world than to use “cyber theft” from its own account holders at no interest for the millions per day that disappear from account holders like you and me knowing they have 20 to 90 days and much more in some countries to get it back to you at no cost to them for its use! 

Ah – the world wide web of banking – the half has never yet been told!  Yes, the banks do tell us they are trying to make our dollars go further and do more – it seems they are succeeding, just like our “Supermarkets”!  But they’re another story.  

Oh to be an Itsy Bitsy spider with a financial acronym for a name waiting for mmm... yeah “Pesky (human) Insects” to jump on the world wide web to make a deposit so Itsy Bitsy can make a little withdrawal – maybe more if you are not watching (¤ џ –)!

 Sincerely questioning,

John R Fergusson